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Welcome to Fire Tiger Healing Arts!

My mission is to help you unlock your potential, release what no longer serves you, and embark on a path toward a life filled with peace and vitality through mind & body work!

Your tiger guide awaits...

Explore Your Path Take a moment to explore the services I offer, read testimonials from clients who have experienced the transformative power of my work, and reach out to me with any questions or to schedule an appointment. I look forward for the opportunity to be your guide.

Client Testimonials

"Kate had a way of guiding me into my body, and myself that allowed me to trust and let go effortlessly. Her intuitive approach was spot on for my physical pains, and she talked me through clearing some old woundings. She deeply listens to the body and energy -- I felt safe to really recieve and heal! 

Shay V - Milwaukee. WI

Kate’s healing capabilities are transformative! I have received long-distance virtual healing from her and can attest to her incredible sensitivity and attentiveness. She was able to cater to my specific blockages and energetic wounding, and with gentleness assisted me in clearing my mind and my heart. She is warm and genuine! I deeply appreciate her intuitive method. I highly recommend her mind-body healing, as she is a skilled facilitator. I’ve never felt so comfortable and supported during a healing session as I have with Kate. I cannot recommend her more! 
Lauren -Oregon

I really enjoy my cupping therapy appointments with Kate - She is intuitive, knowledgeable about the body, and skilled at finding those pesky tension points. I recommend adding cupping to regular self care and de-stressing toolbox!

Christin R. - Milwaukee

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