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Important Notice: Price Adjustment and Tipping Policy Change

Dear Valued Clients,

I want to inform you about recent updates to my services. As of February 22nd, 2024, you will notice a pricing adjustment. This change is reflective of the value I aim to provide in our transformative sessions.

This adjustment eliminates the need for tips. By doing so, the overall cost is now equivalent to what you would have paid with a 20% tip added under the previous structure.

I understand that these changes may impact some individuals. If you find it challenging to afford the new pricing, I've reserved several spots for those in need of a sliding scale price. I'm committed to ensuring that everyone who could benefit from this type of holistic support has access to it.

For those utilizing the sliding scale, after the first five sessions at the adjusted rate, we'll reassess your situation and make any necessary adjustments.

Thank you for your continued support and trust in my commitment to your well-being.

My Treatments

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