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My Transformational Bodywork Journey

As an energy-based transformational bodyworker with over 15 years of experience in the healing arts, including a licensed massage therapist (LMT) with extensive education, my journey of self-discovery and healing has shaped a unique approach to assisting others. At Fire Tiger Arts, my mission is to establish a safe and nurturing space for clients to explore their healing, innate wisdom, learn self-trust, and delve within.


Drawing from my experiences, I've harnessed the power of intuitive touch, a body-mind approach, breathwork, energy healing, and adaptive yoga. These modalities aid clients in releasing physical and emotional blockages, connecting with their inner wisdom, and embodying empowerment. I firmly believe in the inherent wisdom and healing capacity within everyone and feel honored to be a guide. Let's collaborate to explore your truth and embrace wholeness together.

Education, Training & Experience:

  • LMT since 2009

  • Cranial Sacral

  • Myofascial Release

  • Cupping Therapy

  • Lomi-Lomi Hawaiian Massage

  • PNMT (Precision Neuromuscular Therapy)

  • Mediumship and Intuitive Touch

  • Reiki practitioner since 2007 & Reiki Master

  • Thai Massage 1&2 from Thailand

  • Holographic Memory Resolution 

  • 200 hr. breathe-based Hatha Yoga Cert.

  • 500 hr. Enhanced Yoga Instructor (adaptive focus)

  • Aerial Yoga 50 hrs. Cambodia 2018


My Approach to Healing

At Fire Tiger Arts, I recognize the interconnectedness of all aspects of your well-being. I take a holistic approach addresses not only physical health but also mental and emotional balance. I integrate various modalities, such as bodywork, yoga, and energy work, to promote healing on multiple levels.


I like to draw from a diverse range of healing techniques, combining traditional and contemporary practices to tailor a unique approach for each client. Whether it's through personalized yoga sessions, energy work, or mind-body healing, this integrated approach ensures a comprehensive path to healing. I prioritize your goals, comfort, and preferences, offering adaptable and inclusive services.

I am dedicated to fostering your well-being in a way that honors your uniqueness and empowers you to embrace a life of wisdom, vitality, and more joy.

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